Open an Account

It's so easy to open an account with Money One, you can do it online in less than 10 minutes. Simply OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT, our basic savings account with no monthly service fee. That's it. Then you can enjoy full access to all our premium loan, deposit, and financial services.


There are three ways to be eligible to open an account with Money One.

1. If you are an employee or member of any of the nearly 100 approved employers, churches, and organizations.

2. You are an immediate family member or household member of anyone who meets criteria #1.

3. If you don't meet #1 or #2, you can become eligible simply by making a one-time donation to Gifts for Easter Seals. Use this Easter Seals Donation Form and bring it to any Money One location to complete your application. Find Employee Groups here.

Relationship Banking

With Money One you're never just a number. You enjoy a personal relationship no matter where life takes you. It is not affected if you change jobs, retire, or move, as long as you keep at least $50 in your regular savings account.