Visa® Debit Card
Visa® Debit Card Replacement


ATM Card


Non-members cashing on-us checks

$25 or 7% whichever is greater

Home Banking and Online Bill Pay


Cashier’s/Certified Check


Cashier’s Check/Certified Check/Share Draft Check (free through Online Banking) /Bill Pay Check Copy


Money Orders

$5.00 per item

Temporary Checks

$2.00 per check – 4 min

Withdrawal Checks


In-Branch Cash Advance on Any Credit Card


Notary Services

$5.00 per page

Wire Transfers (Outgoing)


International Wire (outgoing)

$50 minimum plus cost by Country (varies)

Plan Checking

$5.95 monthly service charge

Premium Insured Money Market Account

$10.00/month if average daily balance falls below $25,000

Transfer from Savings/Checking to cover overdraft


Courtesy Pay


Returned Item (Share Draft/ACH/Loan Payment returned for nonsufficient funds)


Paid Exception Item Fee


Account Closure/Reopening

$25.00 if account closed within 12 months

Dormant Account after 1 year no activity

$20.00 per month


$100.00 assessed at time of release to state of Maryland

Account Research

$30.00 per hour-$15 min.

Account Reconciliation

$50.00 per hour-$25 minimum charge

Attachment or Levy


Automobile Tag/Title Processing Fee

$15.00 plus State charge

Personal Club Withdrawal (over 1 per year)

Holiday Club or Vacation Club withdrawal, outside of scheduled date



Account re-opening fee after one closure for negative balances, must go through Balance


Account Number Reassignment (if more than one per calendar year)


Phone transactions completed via Call Center that can be done via Online Banking or ATM


Member requested mailed receipt


Non-RMD IRA Withdrawal

$15.00/withdrawal, one (1) free per calendar year

Returned Mail


Returned Mail for Missing/Bad Address

$5.00 per piece

Statement Copy

Printout/Account History/Interim Statement

Mailed Paper Statement




Stop Payment


Cashier’s/Certified Check Stop Payment


Verification of Deposit


Check Orders (Prices vary depending on style and account)


ATM Deposits, Withdrawals andTransfers at Machines Owned by Money One


Non-member ATM Transactions at Money One ATMs


First 4 withdrawals per month


Each withdrawal over 4 per month


Balance inquiries


Each savings/line of credit withdrawal


(Some financial institutions impose a surcharge for using their ATMs.)

Declined ATM Transactions


ATM Correction

Fraudulent ATM Deposit

$20.00 (member error)


Lost or Damaged ATM Card/Replacement


Debit/ATM Reactivation


ACH Origination Fee (per withdrawal)


Loan Application Fee (applies only to the third application submission in a 90 day period with two previous denials)


Fresh Start Loan Fee


Home Equity/Mortgage Subordination Loan Fee


Safe Deposit Box – 3″ x 5″

$30.00 per year

Safe Deposit Box – 5″ x 5″

$40.00 per year

Safe Deposit Box – 3″ x 10″

$50.00 per year

Safe Deposit Box – 5″ x 10″

$75.00 per year

Share Value

$50.00 per Value of One Share

Safe Deposit Box Key Replacement


Safe Deposit Box Drilling

$250.00 minium – Cost Varies

Home Equity Document Preparation


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