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When it comes to winter activities, you probably don’t immediately think of travel. After all, unless you’re taking a ski vacation, people typically plan their trips for the warmer months. However, if you’ve never traveled during the off-season, you’re missing out on some big perks:

Travel is cheaper
Less people travel during winter, which translates to more savings for you. Hotels, tours, and transportation companies lower their prices to boost their appeal. Depending on your destination, you’ll also cut down on one of the biggest travel expenses of all: airfare.

More flexibility
When you travel in summer, you usually have fewer options for flights and hotel rooms due to high-season demand. However, in winter, you can find good deals across more dates, including weekends. Just be careful of long weekends and national holidays like Presidents’ Day; they’re in high-demand no matter the time of year.

Get a local’s experience
In many popular travel destinations, locals tend to flee during crowded summer months when their community is flooded by tourists. With winter travel, you’ll get to live like a local during your visit. In addition to smaller crowds, you’ll have a more authentic experience and get unique access to residents and attractions.

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