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Four great ways to support a charity without donating money

Some of you may want to support your favorite charity, but lack the funds to make a meaningful impact. However, while monetary donations are always appreciated, many organizations need more than cash to make a difference.

So if you want to give to a good cause but don’t have room in your budget, here’s how you can contribute:

1. Volunteer your time
Many charities rely on volunteers as they’re understaffed. Whether it’s stocking a foodbank or assisting staff at an animal shelter, organizations often need additional people to lend a hand. If you can’t donate money, help out on site for as much time as your schedule allows.

2. Donate items you don’t need any more
Organizations such as The Goodwill and The Salvation Army provide used, discounted clothing for those who can’t afford to buy new. If you want to help people in need, just clean out your closet.

Bonus! You’ll receive the additional benefit of a decluttered home and, if you get an itemized receipt, a potential tax write-off for your donation.

3. Give blood
Giving blood is perhaps the most personal donation you can make. After all, you may literally save a life. If you’re interested in donating but aren’t sure where to start, the Red Cross is a great resource. Their website will show you all the upcoming blood drives in your area.

4. Get crafty
Have a knack for crafting? Children’s charities such as Project Linus accept hand-made blankets (provided you follow their specifications). The blankets are used to provide personalized comfort for kids in need. Likewise, certain animal shelters will also take blankets to line the cages of rescued dogs and cats.

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