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Yard Sale Secrets: Clever Tactics to Sell More Stuff

Yard sales are a nice way to earn a little extra income, but they take some work. This is a surprising truth for many people who try it for the first time, assuming they can plop their used items in a pile on the driveway and watch the cash roll in.

Yes, you have to put a little effort into your sale if you want to see a worthwhile return. And while there are some obvious tactics to help boost profits, we’ve compiled a list of insider tips that will increase your chances of creating an irresistible sale.

Focus on display
A jumble of appliances, T shirts, and kids’ toys can be confusing for shoppers (not to mention visually unappealing). Guide people to the different items in your sale by separating them out into sections, and more importantly, highlighting the more expensive things. This last part can be done by using tables and tablecloths that you keep in a prime location, such as the entrance.

Diversify your selection
When it comes to yard sales, more is more. If you only have a handful of similar items up for grabs, it’s pretty easy for people to ignore your sale. Offering 100 items at minimum is generally a good idea. If you just don’t have the inventory, partner with a neighbor. This will help expand your offerings, and create a diverse selection as well.

Put some thought into your signage
Obviously, if you don’t promote your sale, you’ll see fewer customers. But don’t just write your address on a sign and call it a day. Choose colorful signage, write on both sides (to catch people headed in both directions), and limit your verbiage. Too many words will be hard to read and easy to ignore.

Wear something colorful
Visual cues will go a long way for shoppers who are quickly scanning your items. Wearing bright clothes or an apron identifies you as the person in charge, and notifies people that they should come to you to make a purchase. Bonus tip: choose an apron with a pocket so you can easily make change.

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